Only your most valuable guests

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Business Traveler

Loyalty Program Member

Non-Rate Sensitive

Average Length of Stay 3.3 Nights

Ancillary Hotel Spend

We represent your hotel’s most valuable guests. No Little League teams using your elevator as an amusement park ride. Our non-rate sensitive business travelers deliver the highest ADR to your hotel. They are traveling on a flexible corporate per diem and looking for that special hotel that values their business and will treat them right.

Reduce OTA Commissions

50% of Business Travelers Book on Online Travel Agencies

Direct Reservations

Low Guest Acquisition Cost

No Setup or Subscription Fees

Pay for Performance

We help hotels condition their most valuable guests, business travelers with multiple night reservations, to book on Statistically, 70% of business travelers will start their hotel search on an OTA and 50% will book through an OTA. Regain control of the booking path by incentivizing these travelers with low cost, but meaningful upgrades and reduce your guest acquisition costs. Our system is designed to encourage hotel guests to confirm 5+ night reservations at a time in order to receive the best upgrades and drive shoulder night business to your hotel. You know that group of consultants you’ve been trying to round up? Most likely they are already HotelUpgrade guests. With your superior upgrades not only can we help you steal them from the competition, but have them book on your most preferred channel -- direct Our typical hotel partner is saving $8 to $60 per reservation even after the cost of an upgrade. Oh, and we are not predatory like the OTAs. We earn a small commission for each reservation we send to you. No setup fees or subscription fees, ever. Pay for performance only.

A formula for success

5 Minute Setup

HotelUpgrade was founded by a team of hoteliers in order to address the number one revenue management problem hotels have today -- OTA commissions. We are experts in guest experience and guide each hotel to ensure they are affordably improving the guest experience in order to create property level loyalty. The upgrades you offer can be anything -- additional bonus points (always required), suite upgrades, free Internet, free parking, food and beverage vouchers, and more. We help tailor the upgrades to your market to improve your traffic and shift share from less desirable distribution channels and from the competition. Your time is valuable so our team of hotel experts designed a 5 minute setup process. Get ready to watch your ADR soar.